July 2, 2014 — 8PM (ends by 10PM)
$5 - 15, sliding scale
Revival Drum Shop
1465 NE Prescott Ave

Torsten Müller

Torsten Müller is a free improvising bassist in Vancouver, Canada. He came into the free improvised music scene in the mid 70s, first playing with Free Music Communion. He was a member of the large improvising ensemble King Ubu Orchestra for 10 years. Müller has performed concerts all over the world with a diverse array of improvisers, including Evan Parker, John Russell, Jon Rose, Joelle Léandre, John Zorn, Arto Lindsay, Lol Coxhill, Alexander von Schlippenbach, Paul Lovens, Phil Minton, Charles Gayle, Melvin Poore, Paul Rutherford, Peter van Bergen and Alfred Harth. He currently plays in various ensembles, including Vancouver based drummer Dylan Van Der Schyff’s Bande X and his own ensemble, Hoxha, with British trombonist Paul Rutherford and Dylan Van Der Schyff.


Phil Minton

Phil Minton comes from Torquay. He played trumpet and sang with the Mike Westbrook Band in the early 60s- Then in dance and rock bands in Europe for the later of part of the decade. He returned to England in 1971, rejoining Westbrook and was involved in many of his projects until the mid 1980′s.

For most of the last forty years, Minton has been working as a improvising singer in lots of groups, orchestras, and situations, all over the place. Numerous composers have written music especially for his extended vocal techniques. He has a quartet with Veryan Weston, Roger Turner and John Butcher, and ongoing duos, trios and quartets with above and many other musicians.

Since the eighties, His Feral Choir, where he voice-conducts workshops and concerts for anyone who wants to sing, has performed in over twenty countries. (http://www.philminton.co.uk)


Eet (Ryan Stuewe and Alyssa Reed-Stuewe) is a life-partnered duet that was born from a love of improvising and live-looping in a damp basement in 2002. Ryan brings samples & electronics. Alyssa brings voice and movement. Eet produces diverse and indeterminate landscapes of sound texture, scoring a subtle dance visual element which redefines itself with each show. Our collaboration sounds to us like experimental musique-concrete pop. We owe much to the pioneers of electro-acoustic and aleatoric musics and to well-produced hip-hop and gamelan. We are highly influenced by natural world, food and humor. We say “eat”. (http://soundcloud.com/eet-pdx)