Support and Grow the Portland Improvising Music Scene

Loren Chasse at the Outset SeriesThe Outset Series provides an opportunity for local improvising musicians to get in front of an audience in a non-commercial venue with a completely attentive audience that is dedicated to creative, improvised music. This is the only regular series in Portland that features experimental, improvised music in front a live audience. The Outset Series is now hosted by Turn Turn Turn in Northeast Portland after 3 years of performances at Revival Drum Shop.

Pay Musicians for Their Work

Both CMG and Turn Turn Turn are committed to paying musicians fairly for their art. The Outset Series is one of the few opportunities for musicians who play non-commercial music to receive fair compensation. Too often musicians, especially those performing at the cutting edge, are expected to play for free or get paid after the venue has taken its cut. Instead, we’ve made musician compensation a priority for the Outset Series. Due to Turn Turn Turn’s generosity and commitment to experimental musicians, we are able to give nearly all of the money we collect at the door directly to the performers.

Provide a Reliable Space for Fans of Creative, Improvised Music Listen to the Music They Love

Often fans of experimental music have to travel to out-of-the-way venues, cram into house basements or strain to hear the music over the sounds of the bar. Sometimes this can add to the experience of a show but often it is a distraction. The Outset Series provides a regular opportunity in a comfortable setting at an affordable price for creative music fans to hear the music they love.

Concert Requests

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