July 1, 2015 — 8PM (ends by 10PM)
$5 - 15, sliding scale
Turn Turn Turn
8 NE Killingsworth

Performer Bios:




Sustentacula is Ryan Stuewe (MPC, Tape loops, Electronics), David Rafn (Electronics, Vocals, Synthesizer, Tape loops) and Alyssa Reed-Stuewe (Movement). We are trying to embody our love for music in every aspect of our pathetically humble actions. We love listening, we love playing, we love making faint-hearted clicking sounds in the impenetrable blackness of existence. We can’t ever hope to repay the debt that we owe music, but still we crawl like slugs towards the pinnacle of hermaphroditic, luminescent, self-obliterating union with it.  (https://sustentacula.bandcamp.com)


Prime Meridian


Prime Meridian is a ‘chamber drone’ group focused on resonance and microtonality. The core instrumentation is two trombones and a laptop for digital signal processing. The group investigates the relationship between sound and physical space in the ‘electroacoustic’ sense, acknowledging elements of the ‘music concrete’ and ‘tape music’ philosophies. Microtonality is explored mostly through the aural interplay among the sound sources in the room. Interference beating and excursions outside of equal temperament are celebrated.
Prime Meridian takes heavy cues from the work of La Monte Young, Deep Listening Band, and Phill Niblock, among others, though the impetus behind ‘drone’ is traditional, instinctual, and, for some, primordial and sacred.