Sep 23, 2016
The evening explores the infinite space between silence and sound, between nothing and something, between the physical and the metaphysical, through the medium of sound/acoustic phenomena and ritual format.  Invisibility Ritual, a new work for choir by S Fisher,  hones in on the continuum inherent in the creation/dissolution of sound, deep listening, and the acoustic principles of phase cancellation and beating, inviting listeners to dissolve completely into the place where individual physicality meets the ether.  The traditional significance of the Halloween holiday describe this time of year as the time when the veil between the spirit world and the physical world is the thinnest, with the intent to slip into that unknown place through the medium of music, where we might truly  disappear.
Dröna Choir is a group of humans, listeners, artists, and believers combining forces to perform Invisibility Ritual.  The word dröna is Swedish for drone, and means, to drowse. The group is directed by S Fisher and Charlie Moses andOctober 29, 2016 will be their debut performance.
S Fisher (aka Dolphin Midwives) composes and performs ecstatic ritual noise harp and voice experiments in Portland, OR.

Also featuring performances from:

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INVISIBILITY RITUAL : Dröna Choir performs in total darkness; piece by S. Fisher, directed by S. Fisher & Charlie Moses

$5-10 sliding
no one turned away!
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