<< back to schedule The Improvisation Summit of Portland 2016

Date: Friday, June 3  |  Time: 11:30pm  |  Stage: Stage 1


This hour long performance will consist of a continuous series of overlapping five minute improvised duets, with the exact order and pairings decided at random before the show.

This year’s performance will be:

Peter Broderick (viola/voice)
Todd Sickafoose (bass)
Liz Vice (voice)
Chris Funk (guitar)
Rebecca Sanborn (keyboards/voice)
Andre St. James (bass)
John Gross (tenor saxophone)
Jonathan Sielaff (bass clarinet)
Michael Stirling (voice/tambura)
Samantha Boshnack (trumpet)
Chris Johnedis (drums)
Matt Carlson (analog synth)

Curated by Blue Cranes’ Reed Wallsmith