<< back to schedule The Improvisation Summit of Portland 2017

Date: Saturday, July 1  |  Time: 11:00pm  |  Stage: Stage 1

Round Robin Duets


Noah Bernstein (Grammies) – alto sax
Dave Depper (Death Cab For Cutie) – electronic devices
Douglas Detrick (PJCE) – trumpet/laptop
Sage Fisher (Dolphin Midwives) – harp
Laura Gibson (Barsuk Records)- voice
Nat Hulskamp (Seffarine) – oud
Kyleen King (Bizarre Star Strings) – viola
Lamiae Naki (Seffarine) – voice
Ken Ollis (Demolition Duo) – drums
Andy Rayborn (Papergates) – bass clarinet
Mathieu Ruhlmann (Notice Recordings / 3Leaves) – electro-acoustic
John Savage (Demolition Duo) – alto sax
Wobbly (Negativland) – electronics–

Curated by Reed Wallsmith