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Date: Thursday, June 2  |  Time: 8:05pm  |  Stage: --

Pure Surface: A Tonal Service
A Tonal Service is an experimentation with the Pure Surface form, an exercise in communal and improvised decision making and an ensemble work with some of our favorite local poets and performers. The performance score has been co-generated by the performers.

Anis Mogjani, Neil Aitken, Stacey Villalobos, Tron (Grape God), Sophie Linden, Jenna Marie Fletcher, Stacey Tran, Leah Wilmoth, Claire Barrera, Jen Hackworth, Linda K Johnson, Noelle Stiles and Danielle Ross

Pure Surface is a series bringing movement, text and video together to create and present short-duration, collaborative performances. Pure Surface is Danielle Ross and Stacey Tran.