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Date: Saturday, July 1  |  Time: 5:30pm  |  Stage: Stage 2

Notice Recordings presents Mathieu Ruhlmann and Lance Austin Olsen

Mathieu Ruhlmann is a sound artist residing in Vancouver, British Columbia. Ruhlmann’s work seeks to broadcast small intimate sonic happenings and phenomena through the use of field recording, natural material, and found objects and in doing so develop and arrive at a dialogue with the inaudible and tactile space of the environment. Ruhlmann captures these sounds through the use of specialized and custom built microphones. Ruhlmann’s compositions have been presented throughout the world to accompany art exhibitions, radio programs, films, and sound installations, as well he has released on various labels in Europe, Canada, Japan, Australia and the United States. Mathieu Ruhlmann also curates the label, caduc., which was established to bring attention to artists working in minimalism and electro acoustic improvised fields.

Lance Austin Olsen has represented Canada in a number of biennials with his large-scale painting and drawings. After a lengthy career as a visual artist, Olsen moved into sound art in 2000 and quickly established his unique style through works distributed on CD and installations at venues in the UK, Canada, and US. Olsen’s working method is uniform across all of his mediums: a surface is endlessly reworked, with each subsequent piece forming a record or narrative of ongoing discovery. Through this process, or matrix, the viewer experiences an inextricable link between the activity of producing the work as well as the sense that they are seeing but one element in a life-long pursuit.








Notice Recordings is the cassette label of Evan Lindorff-Ellery and Travis Bird. Initially based in Chicago, the label is currently divided between its proprietors in Portland, Oregon (ELE) and New Orleans (TB).