January 20, 2016 — 8pm over by 10
5-15, sliding scale
Turn, Turn, Turn
8 NE Killingsworth

Desert of Hiatus
Kevin Gwozdz is a solo electronic piano musician from Portland, Oregon. He crafts atmospheric and melodic soundscapes that blend experimentation with a subtle homage to neo-classical piano stylings. Fragmentation is a key element engrained in the process of song composition, it takes its form from translating poetry to music a tradition in writing known as ekphrasis. Long reverb drones and delays offer new space for the creation of deeper layers and harmony to these melodic ideas. His forthcoming full length release ‘The Healing Instrument’ is the most stripped of recordings— 14 piano pieces utilizing only an upright piano, field recorder, and minimal post production. The piano pieces from this album are the present subject of reinterpretation through electronics in an effort to provide new context and direction for his current album in process some of which will be premiered at the Outset Series.

Lisa Schoenberg & Ally Clarys