<< back to schedule The Improvisation Summit of Portland 2016

Date: Friday, June 3  |  Time: 9:30pm  |  Stage: Stage 2

Juniana Lanning is a recording engineer, collector of organic sounds and composer of new music.  She began studying audio production, computer music composition, and minimalism under Mary Lee Roberts, Henry Gwiazda, and James Harley. From their influence, she became fascinated with the digital manipulation of found sounds and the creation of sonic landscapes for aural exploration. It wasn’t until the formation Seven Engines, her duo with tape manipulator Kyle Bouchard, that this practice moved from the controlled environment of the recording studio into a more real-time improv performance. Juniana is now employed as recording engineer at Fluff and Gravy Studios and performs in local band, Vacilando. As a recording engineer and improvisational performer, Juniana has settled into a balance of pairing spontaneity with organized structure in the creation of music.

https://soundcloud.com/juniana-karuzmoa, amplifyingglass.wix.com/juniana