Nov. 2, 2016 — 8-10pm
$5-15, sliding scale
Turn! Turn! Turn!
8 NE Killingsworth

Institute For Creative Dying

insititute-for photoInstitute For Creative Dying is the solo project of Portland-based guitarist/composer Paul Michael Schaefer (Waver Clamor Bellow; Dead Death). His work incorporates bowed guitar, bells, hammered dulcimer, experimental percussion, and electronics to create heavy, beauty-drenched, transportive audio-environments.



Paper Gates


Paper Gates is bass clarinetist Andy Rayborn, alone. This is music for people who like to sit on the roof,look at the stars, and think about the future: minimalist soundscapes that hint at 70s electro-acoustic jazz, 80s synth pop, and the floatiest of modern indie music that wrap around you as you take the first drag of the first cigarette of the rest of your life.