Feb 15, 2017
$5 – $15, sliding scale
Turn Turn Turn
8 NE Killingsworth

False Face Society

The Iroquois False Face Society was an association of healers. Their masks were living things that required care and nourishment, such as offerings of tobacco. The shaggy, contorted faces represent forest beings who gave gifts of healing to human beings. We seek to honor and extend the the gifts of healing that those in the False Face Society embodied, through the creative power and healing of music made in the ever unfolding moment. False Face Society is comprised of Scott Eave – guitars, effects, Dave Bamberger – double bass, and Alan Cook – drums, percussion. With time spent in performance and pursuit of musical excellence in the company of the likes of Vinny Golia, Matana Roberts, Ed Blackwell, Bobby Bradford, Fred Katz, and many others, we come well blessed to offer the gifts that such preparation instills. https://www.facebook.com/beatrootalan



Based in Portland, Tunneler began in December 2013 as the abstract expressionist sound project of James Caldwell (guitars, lap steel, banjo, djoura) and Theo Khoury (fretted/fretless bass, hajouj). Drawing upon eastern scales, slide blues, and bowed drones, their compositions continue the stringed conversations started by the likes of John Fahey, Loren Mazzacane Connors, Sonny Sharrock, and Roland S. Howard. The recordings of their more improvised works (presented on their soundcloud page) capture both players moving between instruments live in their basement studio. In September 2016, vocalist Heather Meinert (of Pillow Horse Quail) joined the project. This brought an important presence to their sound and opened up new sonic territories. With a voice that approaches the character of Jarboe and the depth of Diamanda Galas, Meinert brings an ethereal contrast to Khoury’s cavernous low frequency soundscape and Caldwell’s angular, ethnic-folk patterns. The result is music that builds and destroys beautiful and distinctively dark structures.