Sep 23, 2016

gino robair
Gino Robair – drums/modular synthesizer
Chiara Giovando – violin/electronics
Ayako Kataoka – movement
Jonathan Sielaff – bass clarinet

This concert of new works for improvisers will use graphic scores that evolve over the course of the performance.

“Divination” utilizes texts from the opera “I, Norton” to create images that are transferred from paper to physical objects. The configuration of the objects is, then, interpreted by the performers. Members of the audience will be invited to help in the divination process by reconfiguring the score/objects.

“Neither Confirmed Nor Denied” is based on the mysterious shortwave broadcasts called “number stations,” where voices repeat strings of words or numbers, often accompanied by strange sounds. Heard throughout the world since the end of WWII, number stations typically broadcast on a specific radio frequency at fixed intervals, and it is believed that they are being used for espionage purposes, though their meaning has never been revealed: Are they transmitting messages to field agents or are they decoys?

In this performance, we will be using patterns and other information gleaned from analyzing some the most famous number stations—the Lincolnshire Poacher, Spanish Lady, Papa November, etc.—as material to direct the improvisers.

Gino Robair has created music for dance, theater, radio, television, silent film, and gamelan orchestra, and his works have been performed throughout North America, Europe, and Japan. Robair is one of the “25 innovative percussionists” in the book Percussion Profiles and has recorded with Tom Waits, Anthony Braxton, Terry Riley, Fred Frith, John Butcher, Derek Bailey, Peter Kowald and Otomo Yoshihide. In addition, Robair has performed with John Zorn, Nina Hagen, Thinking Fellers Union Local 282, Wadada Leo Smith, and the Club Foot Orchestra. Robair is a founding member of the Splatter Trio and the heavy-metal band, Pink Mountain, and he runs Rastascan Records.

Ayako Kataoka is an artist originally from Tokyo. She works in sound, installation, and dance. Her work has been exhibited, performed, and screened at venues such as; High Zero (Baltimore), Nowhere Festival (PHI), Opensignal (RI), San Francisco International Arts Festival (SF), The Stone (NYC), and International Dance Film Festival (JP). Kataoka holds an MFA from Mills College, Oakland, CA, and is a recipient of the Frog Peak prize. She is a current artist-in-residence of S1 Gallery, a nonprofit artist-run center for contemporary art in Portland, OR.
Chiara Giovando is an artist and curator. She has released records on Ehse Records, Holy Mountain and Ecstatic Peace. She has made several films including Proud Flesh, Archaic Smile and The Hen Knows What to Do. Her compositions have been performed nationally and internationally including recently at the Barbican in London, the LAB, San Francisco and at the Los Angeles Philharmonic. She plays violin, guitar, voice and electronics.

Jonathan Sielaff resides in Portland, OR and plays the bass clarinet. Because he likes to play with drummers and electronic instruments, he often amplifies the bass clarinet and processes it with guitar pedals (he is also, conveniently, a guitarist). He cut his musical teeth in rock bands, new music ensembles and various schools of improvisation but most enjoys exploring the territory that exists between genres. His primary musical project is the duo Golden Retriever, with Matt Carlson on synth. They have a bunch of tapes and CDs out there as well as albums with Root Strata and Thrill Jockey.