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Date: Friday, June 3  |  Time: 8:30pm  |  Stage: Flock

Danielle Ross
It’s Like This Out There, It’s Like This In Here is an in-progress solo that has been performed and researched in Los Angeles, Lincoln, Nebraska, Portland, and soon Minneapolis and Detroit. It is a study of the interplay between destruction or self-sabotage and impulsiveness, re-directing and newness. It is a celebration of how multi-faceted, frenetic, complex and messy self-identification can be. This excerpt is a small, experimental case study and a potential addition to the work.

Danielle Ross is a Portland-based choreographer and performer. She received her BFA in Dance and Performance Studies from UC Berkeley. In Portland, she co-curates the poetry/dance/video series Pure Surface, is on the board of the Creative Music Guild and is a founding member of FRONT, a newspaper dedicated to contemporary dance. Ross is currently working with Linda Austin in her work (Un)Made You, which will premiere in November, 2016 in Portland. Her solo It’s Like This Out There has been presented by Pieter Performance Space in Los Angeles, the University of Nebraska and soon, Fresh Oysters Performance Research in Minneapolis. daniellerossdance.com