February 17, 2016 — 8pm (over by 10)
5-15, sliding scale
Turn, Turn, Turn
8 ne Killingsworth

Survival Skills (AKA Aaron Bergeson), the electronic producer, live DJ, and radio host from Portland, Oregon, releases his second full-length album Deep Space Survival Skills. Deep Space Survival Skills, on Cavity Search Records, is a tribute to space exploration; it’s an homage to the feeling of weightlessness, deep loneliness, and abandonment. Survival Skills is host of the popular KMHD radio show “Beat Parlor” – a weekly showcase of the best instrumental, electronic, and off-jazz beats. Survival Skills draws from the inspiration of brutalism, deep meditation, and the absurd.


SECRET DRUM BAND is a noise & percussion ensemble that began as a four-piece at Ladyfest in Olympia, WA in 2006. I compose the music for SDB, and these compositions are carried out & interpreted by a rotating cast of percussionists and noise musicians. The most recent iterations of the group have included up to five drummers and two musicians creating noises, loops and tones. SDB currently features Sara Lund [unwound/hungtyghost], Allan Wilson [chk chk chk], Heather Treadway [explode into colors], Alison Clarys [tiburones] & Sam Humans [orquestra pacifico tropical]. Treadway designs costumes for the ensemble. SDB compositions are often place-based explorations of soundscapes, species assemblages, ecological function, and movement.