<< back to schedule The Improvisation Summit of Portland 2016

Date: Saturday, June 4  |  Time: 7:00pm  |  Stage: --

Catherine Egan, Celine Bouly and Doug Theriault

Improvising to a structured score created in collaboration with composer Doug Theriault;
Catherine is joined in performance by Celine Bouly – examining, twisting and reshaping the fruits of current studio work.

Catherine Egan is an interdisciplinary artist with a focus on performance. Recent work fuses societal themes with her signature choreographic style and timing, creating sensitive performances full of depth and humanity.

Living in Portland since 2009, Celine Bouly performed in ‘Reasonable Doubts’ choreographed by Esther LaPointe (2012), in ‘So I Married Abraham Lincoln…’ choreographed by Randee Paufve (2012), in a trio choreographed by Catherine Egan (2014), in ‘Blue Wheel’ choreographed by Susan Banyas (2015), in a duet choreographed by Catherine Egan ‘Et Voila’ (2016). She choreographed and danced a solo ‘Turn inside out to wash’ for the Blue Sky Festival, DCO (2011), and choreographed with The DreamTeam ‘I am not going to jail !’ (2013).

Doug Theriault is a long time Portland improviser, composer and instrument builder.