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Date: Saturday, July 1  |  Time: 8:15pm  |  Stage: Stage 1

Andrea Kleine presents Ships

Ships is a structured improvisation based on images from an Yvonne Rainer film and is an excerpt from the longer work Screening Room, or, The Return of Andrea Kleine (as revealed through a re-enactment of a 1977 television program about a ‘long and baffling’ film by Yvonne Rainer.)

The improv score cycles through imagery derived from a section of Yvonne Rainer’s film Kristina Talking Pictures. The order of the imagery is set, but you are on your own to interpret it physically, and meet up at certain film-still landmarks. Its main focus is on an attentive awareness to one another and the room.


Read more here: https://mobile.nytimes.com/2014/12/08/arts/dance/andrea-kleines-take-on-yvonne-rainer-at-chocolate-factory.html

Ships dancers:

Kaj-anne Pepper is a choreographer, dancer and drag hostess who will gladly improv at your private party.

Noelle Stiles is interested in how and where experience is held in the body. As a dance artist, this interest provides a framework for extracting the corporeal language that intimately connects and individuates us. Her deep commitment to contemporary performance is expressed through her work as a dance artist,  arts administrator, graphic designer, and consultant.

Catherine Egan is a choreographer and director with a wide-ranging approach to making work for live audiences. An Alembic Resident Artist at Performance Works NW, she is using ice as a visual medium and developing pop-up installations for winter. Her current studio practice continues a partnership with dancer/performer Celine Bouly, further deepening choreography last seen at Blue Sky Gallery in February.

Taylor Eggan is a scholar, performer, and dance maker. He recently completed a PhD in literature and is currently at work on a new dance–theater piece, Abominable, set to premiere at Disjecta in October.

Danielle Ross is a choreographer and performer. She co-curates the series Pure Surface, is on the board of the Creative Music Guild, is a founding member of the dance publication FRONT and dances for Linda Austin. Her next work, Apparatus, will be performed at Disjecta July 14-16.