Mar 03, 2013

Complete Schedule:
Friday Night: Doors at 6pm.
7pm – Cinema Project presents Thirteen Summers (This program features a multi-screen projection performance of footage from filmmaker and naturalist Timothy Treadwell. With live accompaniment by Joe Cunningham, Tim DuRoche, Dan Duval, Jon Shaw, Reed Wallsmith, Doug Theriault)
7:55 – John Grunfest/Megan Bierman Duo
8:20 – Dawn Stoppiello and Doug Theriault
8:30 – Sam Coomes & Brian Mumford Duo
8:50 – Linda K. Johnson and Tim DuRoche
9:10 – Tim DuRoche & Reconstruction of Light: :The Music of Carei Thomas, with Andrew Durkin, piano; Eugene Lee, saxophones; Jon Shaw, contrabass; Tim DuRoche on drums/little instruments.
10:05 – Richard Decker, Danielle Ross, Jordan Dykstra, and Reed Wallsmith
10:25 – Anton Hatwich / John Gross
11:30pm – Gino Robair leads a large ensemble of musicians and dancers in his opera, I, Norton

11am at Bamboo Grove- Improvisation and Contemporary Instrumental Techniques workshop with Dr. John C. Savage (flutes, alto saxophone). Dr. Savage will discuss and demonstrate his approach to contemporary improvising. Specific topics will include: circular breathing, multiphonics, vocalizations, and ideas for group interplay. This will be a hands-on workshop, so please feel free to bring an instrument. All instruments welcome!
11am at Revival Drum Shop- Gino Robair percussion workshop
1pm at Bamboo Grove – Workshop on Improvising & Dance w/ Danielle Ross & Christi Denton
4pm at Bamboo Grove- Musician-writer Tim DuRoche moderates a discussion with dance artist Linda K. Johnson, musician Rick Stewart of Smegma, saxophonist and Creative Music Guild co-founder Rich Halley and interdisciplinary dancer-storyteller Susan Banyas about improvisation – its role in their craft, its history over the last few decades in the NW, and how they’ve deployed improvisational strategies to create across disciplines and expand on tradition.

Saturday Night
Doors at 6pm
7pm – Filmusik presents Un Chien Andalou w/ a live score by an ensemble curated by Nick Bindeman
7:40 – Tracy Broyles & Catherine Lee
7:50 – Blue Cranes
8:35 – Tere Mathern, Vanessa Vogel, Jen Hackworth and Marisa Anderson
9:05 – The Tenses
9:35 – Woolly Mammoth Comes to Dinner
9:55 – Thicket
10:10 – Grouper
10:40 – Linda Austin, Jin Camou, Ben Kates, Ryan Miller
10:50 – Gino Robair
11:20 – Carla Mann and Rich Halley
11:35pm – The Raven Big Band Buddha Mind Ensemble lead by John Grunfest and Megan Bierman w/ 30+ musicians

A sound installation by Stephanie Simek

This project is supported in part by a grant from the Oregon Arts Commission and the National Endowment for the Arts, a federal agency.
This project is supported in part by Ninkasi Brewing and The Map Room Studio.