Jan 20th, 2018 — 7:30pm
Leaven Community Center
5431 NE 20th Ave @ Killingsworth, Portland, OR


> Markus Trunk, “Slightly Ajar” – performed by Loren Chasse, Branic Howard, Juniana Lanning, Catherine Lee, and Rebecca Olason (sound + light)

> Patrick Farmer, “Camera Silenta: Two Eggs in a Cup to Stand in for Reality” – performed by Loren Chasse, Matt Hannafin, Branic Howard, and Juniana Lanning (field recordings + resonant objects)

> Hanna Hartman, “Message from the Lighthouse” – performed by Matt Hannafin (percussion)

> Alvin Lucier, “Carbon Copies” – performed by Matt Carlson (piano + field recording), Loren Chasse (percussion + field recording), and Lee Elderton (saxophone + field recording)

> Stefan Thut, “Five and Three Boxes” – performed by Lee Elderton (clarinet), Branic Howard (recordings + boxes), Catherine Lee (oboe), Gina Lunde (soprano), and Rebecca Olason (horn).