March 2, 2016 — 8pm (over by 10pm)
5-15, sliding scale
Turn Turn Turn
8 NE Killingsworth

Bill Orcutt

Former guitarist and founder of the duo Harry Pussy (later a trio) Bill Orcutt’s sound is a stuttered reimagining of blues guitar. One can hear familiar Southern folk scales between Orcutt’s jagged solo acoustic phrases, pulling and pushing melodies into unresolved fragments that eventually come unmoored in vast and satisfying note-torrents.

Barry Walker

Barry Walker is a Portland-based, Tennessee-bred musician and geologist. For the Outset series, he will perform on the 5-string banjo knife. He employs the three finger technique, which, for over 70 years has been an exercise in replication and drill. Banjo Knife is raw and melodious–both a celebration and an ecstatic, maximalist destruction of an Appalachian tradition (or at least an attempt). Barry is a self-taught banjo knife player, but insight came via the study of granite magmatism, geochronology, Ralph Stanley, John Hartford, Evan Parker, etc. Barry also plays pedal steel guitar (Roselit Bone, Hearts of Oak, Flash Flood and the Dikes), guitar, and sings (Mouth Painter).