Untoward: February 28, 2015

Untoward is a benefit for the Creative Music Guild. An amazing group of musicians and dancers come to together for one night every year in order to help strengthen Portland’s experimental music and performance scene.

This year’s benefit is on February 28th at Hipbone Studios featuring: Master of Ceremonies Keyon Gaskin, music performances by Blue Crane’s Reed Wallsmith and Joe Cunningham, dance performances by friends of the CMG, and light refreshments. Come out and support the Creative Music Guild.

$10-20 at the door
8pm, Saturday February 28th
Hipbone Studios
1847 East Burnside Street #104,
Portland, OR 97214

Past Benefit Shows:

2013: Marisa Anderson, Keyon Gaskin & Noelle Stiles, Dragging an Ox through Water, Eternal Tapestry, Grammies. 12/14/2013 at Secret Society

2012: Wet Wool, Allie Hankins & Zac Pennington, Mike Barber, Tracy Broyles, Ryan Miller, Jeff Brodsky, Ben Kates, Sally Garrido-Spencer, David Krom, Doug Theriault, Like a Villain, Interiors, Joe Cunningham, Danielle Ross, Reed Wallsmith, Medicine Cabinet, Concern, Richard Decker, Dr. John C. Savage, Ryan Stuewe, Lucy Yim, Alex Ian Smith. 9/28/12 at Bamboo Grove Salon.

2011: Sam Coomes’ Deep Fried Boogie Band, Why I Must Be Careful, Matt Carlson, Better Homes and Gardens [members of Blue Cranes], A live film score by Daniel Menche, 1939 Ensemble, DJ Jeffrey Jerusalem, and dancers Lucy Yim, Danielle Ross, and Shannon Stewart. 9/23/11 at Bamboo Grove Salon.

2010: Pete Swanson, Golden Retriever, Thicket, Rich Halley Trio, the Creative Composer’s Collective of Portland, Video art by Jesse Malmed/Deep Leap. 9/23/10 at Holocene.