Nov 14, 2013

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Marisa Anderson

Marisa Anderson is a composer, guitarist and multi-instrumentalist living in Portland Oregon. Anderson’s current and past projects include the Evolutionary Jass Band, the Dolly Ranchers, and the One Railroad Circus. She is KBOO Community Radio’s 2013 Artist in Residence and in 2012 Anderson was one of six artists selected for Signal Fire’s Afloat Residency. She releases records on the Mississippi Records label.


Keyon Gaskin

Keyon likes to move around and do things! Recently he has played with Linda Austin, Keith Hennessy, Tahni Holt, Future Death Toll, Lucy Yim, Imago Theater, and himself.


Noelle Stiles

As a dance artist, Noelle Stiles is interested in how and where experience is held in the body. This interest provides a framework for extracting the corporeal language that both intimately connects and individuates us. Stiles has a BFA in dance from Cornish College of the Arts and completed her graduate studies in dance at The Ohio State University. She has performed and presented work at venues such as the PICA’s Time-Based Art Festival, On The Boards, PWNW, Dance New Amsterdam, and Links Hall. Stiles’ interest in teaching has taken her to places such as The Ohio State University, the Governor’s School of North Carolina, Dance/USA’s Engaging Dance Audiences program and she co-founded the community focused dance class series Heavy Rotation with Kathleen Keogh of Woolly Mammoth Comes to Dinner. Her work has been supported by Caldera’s Artist Residency program, PICA’s Resource Room Residency, the Regional Arts and Culture Council, the ACA Associate Artist Residency program and was selected by PICA and the NDP to travel to the Dublin Dance Festival as part of a pilot international exchange program. In 2010, Stiles merged her work as a graphic designer with her work in dance to co-create a dance publication entitled FRONT. Based out of Portland, Oregon, FRONT is Tahni Holt, Danielle Ross, Noelle Stiles, and Robert Tyree. FRONT utilizes the old-school tactics of the broadsheet newspaper to explore the new, current, future energy of dance theory and practices in the field.

Dragging an Ox through Water

Brian Mumford grew up throughout the Pacific Northwest and the Plains as a kid, where he developed an early love for classic A.M. country. His teenage years brought on the allure of punk and industrial.  Now settled in Portland and performing under the name Dragging an Ox Through Water, he “marries the lyrical twang of country and folk to the broken textures of feedback, drones, tape hiss, and the howl of homemade oscillators.” (via Tommy E. at WMFU’s Beware of the Blog)


Eternal Tapestry

Tapping into the more experimental side of the European neo-psych/art rock of the 70’s, Eternal Tapestry broaden the psych palette. Theirs’ is an often droningly transcendental sound that’s not just a pastiche of old influences but a radical melting-down in which the music remains reminiscent of the hoary past but sounds strangely new as well.



Grammies is the musical knitting circle formed by saxophonist Noah Bernstein (tUnE-yArDs) and drummer Dan Sutherland (Shy Girls, Capillary Action). Depending on the angle of approach, GRAMMIES’ music has been compared to the disparate artistry of D’Angelo, LTJ Bukem, Flying Lotus, Johns Coltrane and Zorn, The Notorious B.I.G., James Chance and RZA. Their debut album “Award Winning” was released in June 2013.

Dec 14th also marks the release of The Creative Music Guild’s e-book Unfinished. Born out of a conversation at the Improvisation Summit of Portland 2013, Unfinished is a collection of interviews from CMG-related musicians and dancers from diverse genres who share insight into their creative process and work. Unfinished includes interviews with Linda Austin, Nate Wooley, Buke and Gase, Ben Goldberg, John Butcher, Marisa Anderson, The Tenses and others. It’s available for any e-book reader for $5. Proceeds from the sales of Unfinished help the CMG do its work facilitating experimental and improvised performances in Portland. You can find Unfinished for sale December 14th at Smashwords : .