September 2, 2015 — 8PM (ends by 10PM)
$5 - 15, sliding scale
Turn Turn Turn
8 NE Killingsworth


PANTING is Davis Hooker (four track, cassette player, noise synth) and Evan Spacht (four track, trombone, computer.) ( )

Waver Clamor Bellow

Waver Clamor Bellow is the music project of Paul M. Schaefer, Ben Magaziner, & Sage Fisher. It is based in Portland, OR. (

waver [verb]
–shake with a quivering motion
clamor [noun]
–a loud and confused noise, esp. that of people shouting vehemently
bellow [verb]
–(of a person or animal) emit a deep loud roar, typically in pain or anger