Improvisation Summit of Portland: June 30-July 1, 2017

John Gross ISP 2016
The Improvisation Summit of Portland is a multi-day performance festival featuring the best in creative, improvised and experimental music in collaboration with dancers, film, and other artists. Come join us at Disjecta Contemporary Art Center for this one-of-a-kind festival.

Schedule 2017 (subject to change)

  • Friday, July 6
  • Saturday, July 7
  • All Days
Performer Day Time Stage
Dr. Amazon Friday 5:00pm Outside
Reed Wallsmith, Jonathan Sielaff, Joe Cunningham, Luke Wyland Friday 6:30pm Stage 1
Andrea Kleine and Linda Austin: “DUETS” Choreography and Microbrutes occupy space Friday 7:00pm TBA
Rich Halley Quartet Friday 7:30pm Stage 2
Lisa Schonberg, Heather Treadway, Danielle Ross Friday 8:15pm TBA
Jonah Parzen-Johnson Friday 8:45pm Stage 1
Dolphin Midwives with Paul Schaefer and Andy Rayborn Friday 9:30pm TBD
Dewey Mahood, Fred Chalenor, Ben Kates and TJ Thompson Friday 10:00pm Stage 2
Bobby Previte’s Voodoo Orchestra Friday 10:30pm Stage 1
Ralph Carney, Tim DuRoche, Andre St. James Saturday 3:00pm Stage 2
Alissa DeRubeis Saturday 4:30pm Outside
Bobby Previte Trio Saturday 5:00pm Stage 1
Mathieu Ruhlmann and Lance Austin Olsen Saturday 5:30pm Stage 2
Andrew Durkin’s Breath of Fire Saturday 6:15pm Stage 1
WOBBLY Saturday 6:45pm TBA
Brandon Conway and Carla Mann Saturday 7:15pm TBA
Sarah Hennies Saturday 7:45pm Stage 2
Andrea Kleine’s “Ships” Saturday 8:15pm Stage 1
Lori Goldston Saturday 9:00pm Stage 2
Amenta and Intisar Abioto Saturday 9:30pm TBA
Alto! Saturday 10:00pm Stage 1?
Mulva Myasis Saturday 10:40pm Stage 2
Round Robin Duets Saturday 11:00pm Stage 1


$18 per day
$30 festival pass
$5 off for 65+ and SNAPS card holders ($15/day at the door)
Kids and Youth (under 18) Free!
Buy tickets online
Advanced tickets only available until 24 hours before event -- then doors only


Disjecta Contemporary Art Center

8371 N Interstate Ave, Portland, OR 97217, United States


Thanks to the following businesses for their financial and in-kind donations