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Mar 23, 2017

The Portland chapter of the Native Plant Society of Oregon & Creative Music Guild present an evening of music based on different native plant communities of Oregon. Pieces will conjure different plant communities while photos or footage of the plants are projected. This event is part of Native Plant Appreciation Week. More information about the weeks’ events can be found at https://npawpdx.org/.

Performers ::



Sage Fisher


The Creative Music Guild is a Portland, Oregon all-volunteer, non-profit organization whose mission is to promote experimental, improvised music by presenting concerts, workshops and other events that bring together internationally recognized musicians with local performers, audiences and music students of all ages. For over twenty years, the CMG has been a leader in cultivating Portland’s experimental and improvised music.www.creativemusicguild.org

Native Plant Appreciation Week is put on by the Native Plant Society of Oregon, which has been working tirelessly since 1961 for plant and habitat restoration. NPAW PDX is supported by the Portland chapter of NPSO, which works to protect and conserve threatened and endangered species, carrying out rare plant surveys and monitoring programs, developing guidelines and policy regarding native plant gardening, ethics, grazing, mining, and forest management, and working on plant salvage and re-introduction. The Chapter also sponsors field trips and work parties, involving members in conservation of Oregon’s diverse plant heritage.

Mar 23, 2017

John Krausbauer is a music maker currently living in Los Angeles.
He has performed his music in a multitude of settings – from basements and rock clubs to colleges and art galleries. Numerous recordings of his work have been released on independent labels in both the US and Europe.

In recent years his focus has been on his solo work, involving ritual endurance happenings with voice and violin, accompanied by synth and strobes; his compositions, mainly concerned with sytems-based phasing constructions; the Ecstatic Music Band, a collective exploring just tunings with amplified strings at high volumes and long durations, with stroboscopic lighting; The Essentialists, a country-blues-boogie-raga guitar/violin duo; and most recently the formation of the “M”inimalist psych-punk group, Night Collectors.

Trance-Psychedelia is the aim and goal, thru experiential-architecturalsound environments.

C. Spencer Yeh was born in Taipei Taiwan and is currently based in Brooklyn New York. Yeh’s sonic practice first developed within the autodidactic and u venturesome strategies of the American and International underground, most prominently with his project Burning Star Core. Preferring the distinction of “working with sound and music” over more familiar nominations of “musician,” Yeh considers not only timbre, texture, and temporality as material considerations, but the construction of genre, audience, and lore as part of the listener/consumer’s experience. Having amalgamated numerous artistic mediums and roles over his numerous endeavors, Yeh’s formative infatuation with noise and improvised music could still be regarded as his most unadulterated expression – a bespoke array of facilities and parlance on a foundation of unconventional musical pedagogy.

Greg Kelley has performed throughout North America, Europe, Japan, Argentina & Mexico at numerous festivals, in clubs, outdoors, in living rooms, in a bank, and at least once on a vibrating floor. He has collaborated with a number of musicians across the globe performing experimental music, free jazz and noise, appearing on over 90 recordings in the process. He constantly seeks to push the boundaries of the trumpet and of “music.”

Daryl Seaver is a composer and musician born in 1987. She currently lives in Portland, OR and works as a software developer. Daryl has released dance music under the name Samantha Vacation but presently focuses on more abstract musical formats, mainly working with Max/MSP. Her academic background in mathematics drives strict organizational strategies which are balanced by a deep respect for traditional orchestration.

Jeff Witscher was born in 1983 in Long Beach, California and currently manages his own janitorial & maintenance company Vincent’s Expert Cleaners in Portland, Or. He has recorded under a few different names, Rene Hell perhaps being the most known. He focuses on sound composition utilizing his computer & field recordings attempting strong narratives with accompanying videos for his live performances. Recent solo recordings include Cob Music, 2016; Bifurcating a Resounding No!, 2014; Meclu, 2013; Vanilla Call Option, 2013.

Together they perform as Seaver & Witscher and have released Country Music & Country Music 2.


Jan 19, 2017

Ava Mendoza

















Ava Mendoza’s eclectic guitar playing that draws on elements of classical, blues, Jazz, metal and noise had earned her recognition as the fret board and stompbox wizard in the Oakland noise and free-improvisational music scenes. Since then, Mendoza has relocated to Brooklyn, New York where she plays in her trio Unnatural Ways and has extensively toured the USA and Europe. Mendoza brings an everlasting fluxus moods and energies to her performances. Mendoza does not hesitate to jump from blues finger picking to abrasive metal and walls of noise all with seamless transitions to make the wide variety of sounds very cohesive and personal which a listener can identify as an authentic expression of a musician that does not believe in the boundaries of classification and genres.



The Crenshaw
















Andrew Jones- voice, upright bass and electronics
Christopher Johnedis- drums and triggers.
The Crenshaw can allude to tensely repetitive footwork and juke beats, explosive art rock, ambient minimalism and delicate free improvisation all in the span of 3 minute songs that employ stuttery drums, warped synths, dastardly bass/voice counterpoint and self-effacing or darkly humorous lyrics.


Jan 19, 2017

Peter Evans


Mike Gamble/ Andrew Jones/ Noah Bernstien / Chris Johnedis with special guest Ryan Miller

Jan 19, 2017

Sadly Tashi Dorji had to cancel his tour due to a family emergency. But, the show goes on.

Plankton Wat is the meditative solo guitar sound world of Dewey Mahood. Many records, tapes, and cds have been released since 2002 on labels such as Thrill Jockey, Debacle, and Sloow Tapes. Mahood has a new release Hidden Path coming out on Sky Lantern this spring.


Sitting is a new experimental ambient duo of Bob Desaulniers and Aubrey Hornor of the band Lithics. They explore sound via analog synths and long form drones.

The Social Stomach formed 2016 by percussionist/electronic sound artist TJ Thompson (Galaxy Research, Electro Kraken, Pregunta) and vocalist/poet Diana Oropeza, the duo explore the unique intersection of rhythm and the human voice.



Dec 01, 2016
Evil Genius














Evil Genius (Portland/Los Angeles) is a forward-marching experimental jazz trio formed in 2012. The band is made up of Max Kutner on guitars (Grandmothers of Invention, Magic Band, Alphonso Johnson), Stefan Kac on tuba (Milo Fine, Jon Armstong, Hammerstein) and Michael “Bonepocket” Lockwood of drums and percussion (Atomic Ape, Deradoorian, Matt Kivel). The band’s unique sound has drawn comparisons to groups as wide-ranging as the Minutemen, This Heat and Captain Beefheart to jazz figures like John McLaughlin, Steve Lacy, Henry Threadgill and many more. They have received acclaim from the New York City Jazz Record, Bad Alchemy, Los Angeles Jazz Station, Downtown Music Gallery, El Intruso and more. In the words of Larry Koonse, “this band can do it all–whether its in your face rock, free wheeling open improvisation, 20th century classical music, or jazz–they can pull it off and upend all of your expectations.” Their debut album, “Bitter Human” was released in late 2015 and available through Orenda Records in Los Angeles.


The Dead White

“Following a debut CDr on Pete Swanson’s famed experimental label Collective Jyrk in 2006, The Dead White has been a fixture in underground ambient and noise circles in San Diego, Olympia, WA and Portland.”

Uneasy Chairs and Kole Galbraith

“Uneasy Chairs is guitarist Patrick Neill Gundran. Free improvisation, noise and experimentalism explored live both solo and in collaborations. Based in Seattle, WA.”


Kole Galbraith

“Seattle based artist Kole Galbraith approaches the electric bass with both conventional and unconventional manners to explore both the delicacy and gutteral cathartic possibilities achievable with one single instrument. Weaving sound and silence, Kole both mimics sounds found in nature as well as cosmic layers which result in very emotionally expressive pieces.”


Oct 31, 2016

Boodlers: Elliott Sharp, Fred Chalenor, Joe Trump, Henry Franzoni


Elliott Sharp (born March 1, 1951 in Cleveland, Ohio) is an American contemporary classical composer, multi-instrumentalist, and performer.

A central figure in the avant-garde and experimental music scene in New York City since the late 1970s, Sharp has released over eighty-five recordings ranging from blues, jazz, and orchestral music to noise, no wave rock, and techno music. He pioneered the use of personal computers in live performance with his Virtual Stance project of the 1980s. He has used algorithms and fibonacci numbers in experimental composition since the 1970s. He has cited literature as an inspiration for his music and often favors improvisation. He is an inveterate performer, playing mainly guitar, saxophone and bass clarinet. Sharp has led many ensembles over the years, including the blues-oriented Terraplane and Orchestra Carbon.

Fred Chalenor (born December 29, 1955) is an American bassist, most recognized for his work in the bands Caveman Shoestore and Tone Dogs. He has also collaborated on numerous occasion with composer and keyboardist Wayne Horvitz, recording with him in Pigpen and Zony Mash.


Oct 31, 2016

JP Jenkins and Danielle Ross

Jean-Paul Jenkins has been making sounds in front of people since 1991. Inspired by the teachings of Deep Listening, Dhrupad, Minimalism and Free Improvisation, he integrates multiple forms of attention and performance to create sonic spaces for healing and relaxation. Accompanying physical movement and meditation has been is primary focus for the last decade.


Danielle Ross is a Portland-based choreographer and performer. She received her BFA in Dance and Performance Studies from UC Berkeley. In Portland, she co-curates the poetry/dance/video series Pure Surface, is on the board of the Creative Music Guild and is a founding member of FRONT, a newspaper dedicated to contemporary dance. Ross is currently working with Linda Austin in her work The Last Bell Rings For You, which will premiere in November, 2016 in Portland. Her solo It’s Like This Out There, It’s Like This In Here has been presented by Pieter Performance Space in Los Angeles, the University of Nebraska and Fresh Oysters Performance Research in Minneapolis.


Mike Gamble + Movers (TBA)

Mike Gamble is an adventurous guitarist and multi-instrumentalist whose work with electronic modes of composition are integrated endlessly into his setup. Gamble has spent the last 15 years immersed in the creative jazz, experimental rock and improvised music scene primarily in NYC, with close ties to New Orleans, Burlington, Boston, San Francisco and the Pacific Northwest. He has had the pleasure of recording over 20 albums  and touring the states, Canada, and Europe with his critically-acclaimed guitar trio The Inbetweens, Counter Record’s Cougar, and alongside doom-metal originators Earth. His more recent collaborators have been prestigious drummer Bobby Previte, bassist Todd Sickafoose, guitar virtuoso Nels Cline, and PNW cellist Lori Goldston. Since relocating to Portland Mike has been running a monthly Audio/Visual series featuring local and touring artists, encouraging them to play rare solo, duo, and trio sets with his own audio-reactive projection setup. Among working on soundtracks, web-series, and branded content for small businesses, Gamble currently holds a position as an Audio Production instructor at Oregon State University and is the Artistic Director of Portland’s longstanding experimental music organization, The Creative Music Guild.


Claire Barrera

Claire Barrera is a writer, dancer, educator and activist living in Portland, Oregon.  An anthology of the zine she co-edits, When Language Runs Dry, will be published in fall 2016 by Mend My Dress Press.  She is currently and artist-in-residence at Performance Works Northwest.

DB Amorin

DB Amorin is an artist from Honolulu, Hawai’i currently living and working in Portland, Oregon USA. He works within video, expanded audio and augmented environments, drawing upon DIY methodologies & lo-fi processes to reroute perception and approximate the sublime. He is a founding member of Public Annex, an arts organization that aims to break down systemic barriers that prohibit marginalized populations from inclusivity within contemporary arts. Since 2005, he has curated deepwhitesound, a quarterly online exhibition of experimental audio by international artists. His work has been supported with awards from several granting organizations including the Regional Arts & Culture Council, the Precipice Fund grant funded by The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts and the Calligram Foundation and administered by Portland Institute for Contemporary Art (PICA), and a year-long Artist Residency at Hale ‘Iolani. He holds a Bachelor of Arts in Arts Practice from Portland State University in Portland, Oregon USA. His visual art and curatorial programming have been exhibited at the Soundwave ((7)) Biennial (San Francisco, CA USA), PICA’s TBA:16, FalseFront, White Gallery and Weird Shift (Portland OR), as well as Gallery ‘Iolani, GoHA, the Hawai’i State Capitol Building, Doris Duke Theatre and CRC Cube Space (Honolulu HI), among others.


Sep 23, 2016
The evening explores the infinite space between silence and sound, between nothing and something, between the physical and the metaphysical, through the medium of sound/acoustic phenomena and ritual format.  Invisibility Ritual, a new work for choir by S Fisher,  hones in on the continuum inherent in the creation/dissolution of sound, deep listening, and the acoustic principles of phase cancellation and beating, inviting listeners to dissolve completely into the place where individual physicality meets the ether.  The traditional significance of the Halloween holiday describe this time of year as the time when the veil between the spirit world and the physical world is the thinnest, with the intent to slip into that unknown place through the medium of music, where we might truly  disappear.
Dröna Choir is a group of humans, listeners, artists, and believers combining forces to perform Invisibility Ritual.  The word dröna is Swedish for drone, and means, to drowse. The group is directed by S Fisher and Charlie Moses andOctober 29, 2016 will be their debut performance.
S Fisher (aka Dolphin Midwives) composes and performs ecstatic ritual noise harp and voice experiments in Portland, OR.  dolphinmidwives.us

Also featuring performances from:

Pulse Emitter
Sea Charms
Dead Death
Dolphin Midwives
INVISIBILITY RITUAL : Dröna Choir performs in total darkness; piece by S. Fisher, directed by S. Fisher & Charlie Moses

$5-10 sliding
no one turned away!
sponsored by the wizards of the CMG!


Sep 23, 2016

gino robair
Gino Robair – drums/modular synthesizer
Chiara Giovando – violin/electronics
Ayako Kataoka – movement
Jonathan Sielaff – bass clarinet

This concert of new works for improvisers will use graphic scores that evolve over the course of the performance.

“Divination” utilizes texts from the opera “I, Norton” to create images that are transferred from paper to physical objects. The configuration of the objects is, then, interpreted by the performers. Members of the audience will be invited to help in the divination process by reconfiguring the score/objects.

“Neither Confirmed Nor Denied” is based on the mysterious shortwave broadcasts called “number stations,” where voices repeat strings of words or numbers, often accompanied by strange sounds. Heard throughout the world since the end of WWII, number stations typically broadcast on a specific radio frequency at fixed intervals, and it is believed that they are being used for espionage purposes, though their meaning has never been revealed: Are they transmitting messages to field agents or are they decoys?

In this performance, we will be using patterns and other information gleaned from analyzing some the most famous number stations—the Lincolnshire Poacher, Spanish Lady, Papa November, etc.—as material to direct the improvisers.

Gino Robair has created music for dance, theater, radio, television, silent film, and gamelan orchestra, and his works have been performed throughout North America, Europe, and Japan. Robair is one of the “25 innovative percussionists” in the book Percussion Profiles and has recorded with Tom Waits, Anthony Braxton, Terry Riley, Fred Frith, John Butcher, Derek Bailey, Peter Kowald and Otomo Yoshihide. In addition, Robair has performed with John Zorn, Nina Hagen, Thinking Fellers Union Local 282, Wadada Leo Smith, and the Club Foot Orchestra. Robair is a founding member of the Splatter Trio and the heavy-metal band, Pink Mountain, and he runs Rastascan Records. ginorobair.com

Ayako Kataoka is an artist originally from Tokyo. She works in sound, installation, and dance. Her work has been exhibited, performed, and screened at venues such as; High Zero (Baltimore), Nowhere Festival (PHI), Opensignal (RI), San Francisco International Arts Festival (SF), The Stone (NYC), and International Dance Film Festival (JP). Kataoka holds an MFA from Mills College, Oakland, CA, and is a recipient of the Frog Peak prize. She is a current artist-in-residence of S1 Gallery, a nonprofit artist-run center for contemporary art in Portland, OR. www.ayakokataoka.com
Chiara Giovando is an artist and curator. She has released records on Ehse Records, Holy Mountain and Ecstatic Peace. She has made several films including Proud Flesh, Archaic Smile and The Hen Knows What to Do. Her compositions have been performed nationally and internationally including recently at the Barbican in London, the LAB, San Francisco and at the Los Angeles Philharmonic. She plays violin, guitar, voice and electronics.

Jonathan Sielaff resides in Portland, OR and plays the bass clarinet. Because he likes to play with drummers and electronic instruments, he often amplifies the bass clarinet and processes it with guitar pedals (he is also, conveniently, a guitarist). He cut his musical teeth in rock bands, new music ensembles and various schools of improvisation but most enjoys exploring the territory that exists between genres. His primary musical project is the duo Golden Retriever, with Matt Carlson on synth. They have a bunch of tapes and CDs out there as well as albums with Root Strata and Thrill Jockey. http://www.thrilljockey.com/thrill/Golden-Retriever/