April 2, 2014 — 8PM (ends by 10PM)
$5 - 15, sliding scale
Revival Drum Shop
1465 NE Prescott Ave

Elliot Ross Trio

Elliot Ross Trio is an improvisational jazz outfit with a rotating lineup. This performance features Elliot Ross on guitar, John Gross on sax and Scott Cutshall on drums. Drawing from decades of combined experience touring, recording and improvising live, the trio masterfully crafts spontaneous compositions at once mysterious and dynamic.

Dr. Amazon

We are Dr. Amazon.  A 7 piece improvisation driven ensemble.  Stan Wood plays the vibraband, an instrument of his own invention and recently released an album Stan Wood’s Vibraband Trio. Mike Lastra plays theramin, various toys, and samples.  He is a documentary filmmaker.  His films include, “Northwest Passage”,  and “Satyricon Madness and Glory”, about the iconic punk club.  Mike Lastra played with Gone Orchestra, played with Lee Rocky, and was with Smegma for 38 years.  He owns and operates Smegma Studios, the studio of choice for many a local band. Amy Dewolfe plays bass, drums, piano, clarinet, violin, and unresolved issues. Bernd Minde plays drums and guitar. John Henault plays log and guitar. He plays synthesizers, theramin, vocals. Ed Gibson plays the tenor saxophone and guitar.

Collectively, we have played in or with: Upepo, Gone Orchestra, Smegma, Lee Rocky, Puppy Bunny, HairBedPeace, Dogbody, Tina, The Giant Anguish Machine, The Guerilla Tones, Alcoholics Unanimous, Rancid Vat, 20 Foot Man, Mobius Strip, Slow Bump, Chubby Smith and His Orchestra, The Punishiers, Fescue 911, and The Dustbowl Refugees.