May 26, 2017 — 7pm
$7-15 (10 Suggested), sliding scale
Leaven Community Center











The trio (reeds, guitar, drums) feels most at home in the midst of a conflict, in the twilight zone between brute power and fragile sound structures, between highly compressed sound and transparent lines, between pulsating beats and free improvisation. Never dry up the curiosity and appetite for new sounds; Every concert is a new research on the edge of the possible, of the beautiful and sometimes bearable.
Florian Stoffner – guitar,Hans Koch – baritone saxophone, Lionel Friedl – drums


Optic Nerve Trio

Optic Nerve Trio is an experimental project featuring Lee Elderton on soprano sax, Dan Duval on guitar and Stephen Pancerev on drums. These veterans of the Portland jazz scene form an improvisational trio blending free jazz with sparse, minimalist pieces as a type of spinoff to their main musical project Ocular Concern. Lee Elderton – soprano sax, Dan Duval – guitar, Stephen Pancerev – drums