Confluence, our visiting artist series, is where the CMG started back in 1991 with bringing the best improvisers in the world to Portland.

We present 6-8 concerts a year by artists from all over the world at venues around Portland. Our programming committee carefully curates this series taking into account diversity (both musical diversity as well as gender & ethnic diversity), quality and recognition (extremely high quality of craft is a given and some degree of critical and/or community recognition within the creative improvisation scene is crucial) and the ability of the musicians to come to Portland without our help (we generally don’t get involved in concerts that would happen without us). This series occurs approximately monthly from October to May. Fill out the concert request form on the contact page if you want to play the Confluence series.

(Please note, we get far more proposals than we can possibly manage. In fact, as an all volunteer organization, we get more than we can personally respond to. We appreciate your interest in working with the Guild.)