April 6, 2016 — 8pm (over by 10)
5-15, sliding scale
Turn, Turn, Turn
8 Ne Killingsworth

Ben Glas
Ben Glas is an interdisciplinary artist and experimental composer based in Portland, Oregon, where he is contemporarily attending the Pacific Northwest College of Art. Through multichannel installations and digitally driven performances, Ben’s work aims to question and explore the auditory perception of both individuals and groups; to help cultivate active and aware listening situations; and to install a sonic comma into reality’s sentences.

Joseph Wells
Joseph Wells is a contemporary New Media artist based in Portland, Oregon. He is constantly exploring new technologies and forms of visual media that are emerging around us, often taking systems and devices that are taken for granted in our daily lives and merging them into his artistic practice. With a short two and a half year stint practicing Computer Engineering at PSU, Joseph transferred to PNCA in the Spring of 2015 where he has been studying Video + Sound alongside Intermedia. Using his knowledge of programming and hardware design, Joseph has been using generative programming techniques and software integration into his visual design works. He performs visuals live for SubSensory and other events around the Portland area, and is currently in a band that tours throughout Oregon. His upcoming pursuits involve virtual reality headsets, generative video and sound performance, 3D printing, and abstracted hardware hacking.

soundcloud.com/sound-portfolio , http://blnkstrs.com/ben-glas ,

Ryan Stuewe’s last name is pronounced “Stevie,” as in “Stevie Wonder.” His earliest memory is of drumming on pots and pans on a kitchen floor in Kansas. Ifsh is his primary solo recording project and is pronounced phonetically. It is an electro-acoustic exercise in recursive self-sampling. It is about processing and re-processing sounds. Primary sources include drums, tonal percussion, tapes, other people’s music and found objects.

soundcloud (https://soundcloud.com/ifsh-it-do-ryan-stuewe)
bandcamp (https://ifsh.bandcamp.com/)