December 17, 2014 — 8PM (ends by 10PM)
$5 - 15
Revival Drum Shop
2045 SE Ankeny

Ben Bennett

Ben Bennett is an improvising percussionist from Columbus, Ohio. He attempts to create unique shared experiences through performances that emphasize presence, immediacy, and intuition. He applies a broad palette of sound that derives from an ongoing investigation of the physical nature of the body and of the stretched membrane (i.e. drumhead). His unconventional approach to musical form and audience relations can reveal a powerful musicality in the most unlikely gestures. (

“The crux of Bennett’s output is formed through his anomalous showmanship and in the resourceful nature of the instruments he tailors. If there is “value” to be found in his art, then these aspects surely make for a sensible starting point. Recycled objects and household items are transformed into contraptions assembled for a purpose unknown to the performer until the very moment he drags them before baffled onlookers, inserting them into an orifice or smashing them with an unrelated implement. Such instances of universal obscurity add to the queer web of noise that makes the resulting sound so riveting from the perspective of the audience.” -Tiny Mixtapes

Wilson Shook

Wilson Shook is an improvising saxophonist living in Seattle, Washington. Wilson’s music emphasizes focus, texture, chance and exploration. It is ‘new music’ in that it explores each new moment and seeks to develop a critical awareness of the present.

Sonically, Wilson’s music is informed by lower case and minimalist aesthetics, while embracing the full range of his instrument. He is especially interested in incidental or ‘between’ sounds: material that exists on the edges and in the cracks of the conventional sonic palate. Politically, Wilson’s work attempts a practical approach to feminist, anarchist and surrealist conceptions of freedom on a situational scale.

Living Objects

Living Objects is the current solo manifestation of guitarist and multi instrumentalist, Eric Garcia. His work is inspired by early minimalism (Reich, Glass), avant guitar music (Bill Orcutt, Derek Bailey), No Wave, and a slew of other sounds. Instrumentation is the subject of this work and Eric will be performing a set of solo guitar music for the outset. Living Objects will release an album of solo guitar music that will feature work for both MIDI guitar and acoustic guitar. Recently Eric has collaborated and performed with Zac Pennington, Thollem Mcdonas, choreographers Muffie Connelly and Ruth Nelson, and New York based performance art collective, Happy Dog. (

Outset Series Goals

Support and Grow the Portland Improvising Music Scene
The Outset Series provides an opportunity for local improvising musicians to get in front of an audience in a non-commercial venue with a completely attentive audience that is dedicated to creative, improvised music. This is the only regular series in Portland that features experimental, improvised music in front a live audience.

Pay Musicians for Their Work
The vast majority of the money collected at the door is given to the musicians. Revival Drum Shop isn’t taking a cut from the door and the CMG only takes a cut on donation over $5 as both are committed to paying musicians fairly for their art. The Outset Series is one of the few opportunities for musicians who play non-commercial music to receive fair compensation. Too often musicians, especially those performing at the cutting edge, are expected to play for free or get paid after the venue has taken its cut.

Provide a Reliable Space for Fans of Creative, Improvised Music Listen to the Music They Love
Often fans of experimental music have to travel to out-of-the-way venues, cram into house basements or strain to hear the music over the sounds of the bar. Sometimes this can add to the experience of a show but often it is a distraction. The Outset Series provides a regular opportunity in a comfortable setting at an affordable price for creative music fans to hear the music they love.

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